Welcome to The Practicum: Start Practicing Orderflow Trading Today!

We are excited to announce the launch of Practicum 2.0, a new and improved version of our trading community designed to provide you with even more valuable insights and resources. We have listened to your feedback and have made significant enhancements to ensure that you receive the highest quality education and support.

What Practicum 2.0 Offers:

1. Exclusive Access to the Discord Community: Join our vibrant Discord community where you can interact with like-minded traders. Participate in live discussions during key trading hours, such as the NYSE Opening Bell, and gain insights from experienced order flow traders.

2. Live Trading Sessions: Observe and learn from live trading sessions conducted by seasoned professionals. See their thought processes in action and understand the strategies behind successful trades.

3. Case Studies: Review in-depth analyses of successful trades. Understand the entry and exit strategies, risk management techniques, and overall decision-making process.

4. Exclusive Trading Files: Access premium trading files from Kev & Selina, two highly experienced order flow traders. These files include meticulously crafted order flow models with precise timing, pricing, and orders, ready for real-time application.

5. Real-Time Application: Apply the knowledge from the exclusive files in real-time trading scenarios. Enhance your practical skills and improve your trading performance.

6. Educational Resources: Benefit from comprehensive educational materials that cover various aspects of order flow trading. Learn about different entry models, risk management techniques, and market analysis.

7. Personalized Support: Receive personalized assistance with trading platforms, brokers, and data feeds. Our team is here to help you navigate any challenges and ensure a smooth trading experience.

8. Potential Invitation to Trade Within Our Private Fund: For those who demonstrate consistency and proficiency, there is a potential invitation to trade within our private fund. Successful participants may receive business class travel and accommodation to join us in person for an in-depth trading experience and contract signing.

Affordable Pricing: Practicum 2.0 is available for no more than €3.30 per day. This ensures that you get exceptional value for your investment in your trading education and success.

You can join Practicum 2.0 now via this link:


Let’s get trading!

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