Orderflow Trading Advanced Masterclass course.


Understanding price in a deep way ‘’ in depth market reading ‘’’with institutional data source called order flow trading, seeing the real volume and order stacking in the markets, why price moves like it moves volume and order books visuals.       ‘’be 10 steps infront of any retail trader’’


‘’Combi this with supply & demand trading and you have an iron trading system. ‘’


Topics covered are :

Delta, Footprints , market profile, poc point of control, future volume, order books, vwap

Get an deep insight in depth market reading software data exchanges explained and accessible.

Few examples of certain topics are,  ‘’value area’s’’  The Cot Commitment of traders ‘’ Order flow ‘’
’’Imbalance & Absorption’’ and lot more.

Minum 6 months of experience of supply & demand trading is recommended for this course.

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