8. The Marubozu

The Marubozu:

The Marubozu candlesticks tend to have no shadows attached tot heir bodies. Dependent on the the market being Bullish or Bearish, the high/low is in fact the same price as the open and close of the market. The Bullish/green Marubozu is like a long green body without shadows towards the closing level (TOP).
Seen as an extremely profitable candlestick as it shows the Bulls/Buyers were in complete control. Mostly the first part of a Bullish movement or Bullish reversal pattern.

The Bearish/red Marubozu will consist of a long red body without any shadows towards the closing level (DOWN). A very, very Bearish candlestick since it shows that the Bears/Sellers were in complete control of the market. Most of the time continued as a Bearish trend or Bearish reversal.

The bigger your time frame, the stronger the Bullish/Bearish Marubozu movement will be. Advised time frames are week and daily time frames because they give a strong indication of the further impulse of the specific Price Action movement in the future. This will most likely be in the direction of the Marubozu candlestick formation.

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