5. Draw SBR & RBS Levels.

RBS means full Resistance becomes Support and SBR means Support becomes Resistance.
What you often see on the charts that, for example, the price breaks through resistance. Then the price could go up in one go, but more often you see the price coming back to the resistance line and first tapping it again before it rises all the way up. What actually happens is that the resistance has now become a support level.
You can actually find this everywhere on the charts.

How do we find SBR RBS levels?

step 1. We start again with the line chart.

Step 2. We start by searching for our Support and resistance levels. Especially the levels in the middle of the chart is often where you will find the RBS and SBR levels.

Step 3. We are going back to the candlestick charts. There we can check whether it is completely correct!

And we have found our SBR & RBS levels.
Below a short video about how we find and draw the SBR and RBS levels.

Homework assignment:

Also with this topic a homework assignment. Send 5 print screens of a chart where you have properly indicated the RBS & SBR levels. Good luck!

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