4. Even more fake outs.

Back in the days when I just started trading, I always reacted immediately to a breakout. 
Then i lost continuously because the breakout turned out to be a fake out. But how do you react to a breakout? The key is to have patience and to wait for the signals. Often there will be a retest before a real break takes place. Do you already see that the price reacts to the Supply or Demand bias as the example below you can almost be sure that it is a fake out.

The Fake out must have some resistance / support wicks. 
It will always FakeOut to the base supply and demand above the resistance wicks or under the support wicks.

There are many more signals to which you can recognize a possible fake out.
You have to be able to feel the market and recognize changes in behavior, for example. 
That is why it is always smart to start with 2 or 3 pairs that you can optimally analyze. 
Get to know the pair and get to know their movements.

Even I stupidly enough step into a fake out still sometimes .. But do you know why? Patience!!!!! trading requires a lot of patience. 
Only then can you get the most mistakes out of your trading style and you will get more take profits than stop-losses! 

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