4. Checklist.

  • 1.Start by drawing your charts.
    My advice is to focus on 3-5 pairs.
    In addition, we start with the daily time frame to be able to determine which direction the price is going in the right direction.
    You also set your daily lines here.
  • 2. Then we go to the h4 charts. Here we will take a closer look and here you will now draw your S&R Lines or your Supply and Demand zones. Which suits you the most.
  • 3. If we have done this, we can often see if there are nice entries coming. So we mainly go there to WAIT! Waiting for the right time to attack.
  • 4. Before we even enter a trade, we will check if there is any news. You could do this at www.forexfactory.com. If there is news or possibly later, it is advisable to note this down so that you will never be faced with surprises.
  • 5. Now that we have made our setups, we have to wait for the right moment.

Always stick to your trading plan, never rush into a trade, but above all have a lot of patience !!!

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