4. Believe in yourself.

Why most don’t make it as a professional trader is often not the strategy or something else. The biggest pitfall is the mindset. We all know that we all know what kind of roller coaster you will end up with when you do your first trade! The most important thing is therefore that you believe in yourself that you believe in you and that you support analysis. Without even wondering if you are going to trade for a day. Do not talk to other traders and avoid unsettled situations. Just without yourself 1 day off everything you distract and focus only on the market! I can promise you that this will bring you many new insights and make you a much better trader.

Because you recognize that feeling you have made a super nice analysis and will for example sell at EUR / USD. Trade is reasonable and you surf a bit on the internet and you come across another analysis of someone who says that he is actually BUY on EUR / USD the doubt strikes again because you are just in a SELL your thoughts start playing with you and you suddenly no longer rely 100% on your own analysis.

Because you start doubting like this, you close your trade and in the meantime you have convinced yourself that the analysis of the other person must be correct, you even step into a BUY. But wait for your Stoploss to be hit and you suddenly realize that your analysis could have achieved the take profit. Now you are only more confused and to cover your loss you start trading revenge, you look for trades and forget all your rules and you forget your whole plan. Eventually this will be a day to remember. You ruined an analysis that was so beautiful with your own mindset with your own doubt!

You will often experience similar situations in trading. And you will find that your greatest enemy is you.

To prevent this, it is wise to stick to your plan and not let go of it, so you can really become profitable.
Do not look at others when you are busy with your trades and analysis.

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