3. The Spinning Top

The Spinning Top:

Spining Tops are candlesticks with a long upper shadow and long lower shadow. They also have small real bodies. Color of the body doesn’t really matter since it shows us how indecisive the market is. That’s all we need to know from these candlesticks.  

The real bodies (green or red) show u snot a lot of movement from open to close. The shadows show us that the Bulls and Bears have been fighting but neither of them was able to take the upper hand. Session is been closed with relatively small margins, during the match the price definitely moved up and down.

When a Spinning top or a sequence of Spinning tops occurs during an uptrend, it could mean not a lot of buyers are left and a reverse is possible. Same counts for a Spinning top or a sequence of them in a downtrend. So, whenever a Spinning top occurs, be aware or the next move.

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