14. Summary Price Action Candlesticks

Summary Price Action Candlesticks: 

As said introducing you to the candlesticks formations, there are many more formations than we’ve just explained. We’ve clarified most useful and most common formations for you. The formations we’ve been talking about will have the best chance for a good trade setup.

Keep in mind these candlestick formations will work more effective when used in combination with other technical strategies. Combine them for example with your chart patterns, Fibonacci and Support and Resistance. Than the candlesticks formations can be really powerful. Candlestick formations play an important rule when to leave a trade. Keep on learning! Practice makes perfect and it will be easier the longer you use and remember all candlestick formations.

 1. Different forms of the “Doji”

 2. The Spinning Top

 3. The Hanging man formation

 4. The Hammer (A.K.A. Pin bar)

 5. The shooting Star

 6. Tweezer Tweezer Tops en Bottoms

 7. Thee Marubozu

 8. Bullish and Bearish Engulfing formations

 9. The Morning Star and Evening Star formations

 10. The Inside Bar Formation

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